OCAD University

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The Ontario College of Art & Design ( abbreviated: OCAD ) is Canada's largest and oldest university for art and design. The University is located in Toronto at the McCaul Street southeast of the Art Gallery of Ontario. In addition to classic courses with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Design OCAD also offers interdisciplinary programs with integration of new media.

The university was founded in 1876 as Ontario School of Art and renamed itself in 1931 in the Ontario College of Art. It bears its present name since 1996. The OCAD has a number of famous alumni such as actor and director Michael Ironside. In 1969/ 70, the university learned by Roy Ascott drastic changes in the study process and the course content.

In 2004, the Institute was enlarged by the Sharp Centre for Design, which was designed by architect Will Alsop in collaboration with the Office Robbie / Young Wright Architects Inc.. The 42.5 million expensive extension is marked by a white square on a 26-meter- high stilts construction. The square is home to two storeys exhibition rooms, lecture halls and administrative offices of the Design Centre. In addition to the square windows of different arousing great black squares the impression that the building is perforated.