Changzhou (Chinese常州, pinyin: Changzhou) is a prefecture -level city in Jiangsu Province of the People's Republic of China. Changzhou has an area of ​​4374 km ² and about 3.4896 million inhabitants ( 2004).

Administrative Divisions

The city consists of five boroughs and two independent cities. These are:

  • Municipality Zhonglou -钟楼 区Zhonglou Qū
  • Municipality Tianning -天宁区Tianning Qū
  • Municipality Qishuyan -戚墅堰 区Qishuyan Qū
  • Municipality Xinbei -新 北区Xinbei Qū
  • City Wujin District -武进 区Wǔjìn Qū
  • Jintan City -金坛市Jintan Shì
  • Liyang City -溧阳 市Liyang Shì


The history of Changzhou dates back over 2500 years. Today the city is a fast growing industrial city with the China Dinosaur Park as one of the tourist attractions.

Changzhou is located south of the Yangtze River to the railway and motorway connections from Shanghai to Nanjing. The airport is located about 15 kilometers from the city center.

The city is intersected by the busy Grand Canal.


Traditionally, Changzhou is famous for the production of combs. Today the city is a fast growing industrial city with a focus on recycling of silicon and the production of ingots, wafers, solar cells and solar modules. MAN opened here in November 2008, a factory, and the Taiwanese company Kymco has a branch here of their production for scooters.


In the city, the 38 000 -seat Changzhou Olympic Sports Center is located.


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