Character (Album)


  • Vocals: Mikael Stanne
  • Guitar: Martin Henriksson
  • Guitar: Niklas Sundin
  • Bass: Michael Nicklasson
  • Keyboards: Martin Brändström
  • Drums: Anders Jivarp

Character is the seventh album by the Swedish melodic death metal band Dark Tranquillity. The album was released on 24 January 2005 via Century Media.

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While the songwriting, the band focused on songs that the new technical and complex precipitate as on the previous album Damage Done. The aim was to demand more attention from the listener. The focus was on aggression, so that singer Mikael Stanne was no longer working on this album with clean vocals.

Guitar, bass and vocals electronics in the studio " Rogue Music" and the drums in Studio Fredman were recorded in the studio " The Room ". The album was mixed by Frederik Nordström. Mastering done by Peter In de Betou. As a producer served the band. For the songs Lost to Apathy and The Endless Feed clips were filmed, where Roger Johansson directed and the production took over.

Was about a year between the end of the recording and publication. The previous studio album Damage Done was the last of the old contract with Century Media. When the album was completely recorded, the tape management began negotiating with various record companies. Finally, the band signed a new contract with the old record label Century Media. Since the release plan by Century Media was responsible for the fall of 2004, but already full, the publication moved to January 2005.


The album title character arises loud guitarist from the different song titles that reflect different actions and behaviors. Each song is so that a certain part of the character.

The pre-release as an EP song Lost to Apathy is about apathy, resignation and the feeling of isolation in a confusing world.


Character was published in three different versions. In addition to the regular CD version, there is a digipak, containing the video clip for the song Lost to Apathy and four other live videos. In addition, the album was released as an LP. All three versions have a different cover artwork, which were all designed by Niklas Sundin.

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The Digipakversion has a bonus video clip for Lost to Apathy and four additional live songs recorded in South Korea at the Busan Rock Festival 2004.

Japan Edition

The Japanese version of the album includes two bonus tracks. Both come from the pre-release Lost -to- Apathy EP.


In Sweden, the album debuted at number three on the album charts and number one on the Metal Charts. In Finland character was ranked 30 in Italy and 57 place in Germany No. 83 In addition, the album was ranked one of the Greek Metal charts and # 39 of the British rock charts.

In 2004 the EP Lost to Apathy has been published. The EP contains the title song three more titles that are not represented on the album character. Derivation TNB is a song, which was compiled from various titles of Character album. UnDo control comes from the Live Damage DVD. That's where the video clip for the title song as well as a screensaver. The cover artwork was designed by Niklas Sundin also.

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