Daniel Antonsson

Daniel Antonsson (born 16 December 1974) is a Swedish guitarist, bassist and music producer. He is a member of the band Dimension Zero and was previously active in the bands Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork and pathos.


Antonsson made ​​his first musical experiences with the power metal band Pathos, which was founded in 1995. After the band released three albums, the group is currently on hold. 2002 Antonsson rose in the melodic death metal band a Dimension Zero, where he was active as a guitarist as pathos. With Dimension Zero Antonsson has released two albums. Meanwhile played Antonsson on the published in 2007 Soilwork album Sworn to a Great Divide. Since 2008 Antonsson plays as a bass player in the band Dark Tranquillity. The published in February 2010 album We Are The Void was partially included in the " Gothenburg Rock Studios ", which operates Antonsson together with Hasse Kosonen. In February 2013 left Antonsson of Dark Tranquillity to care more for his musical projects and his studio can.


With pathos

With Dimension Zero

  • 2003: This is Hell
  • 2007: He Who Shall Not Bleed


  • 2007: Sworn to a Great Divide

By Dark Tranquillity

  • 2010: We Are The Void