Projector (album)


Projector is the fourth album by the Swedish melodic death metal band Dark Tranquillity. The album was released on 10 August 1999 via Century Media.


The album was recorded in September 1998 at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg. The album was produced by Frederik Nordström. The mastering was done by Göran Finnberg in "The Mastering Room ". All texts wrote Mikael Stanne, the music was written by the whole band.

For the first time since the debut album Skydancer Mikael Stanne works with clean vocals. He was pushed into the past again and again by his bandmates so. However, on the basis of the harder alignment of the two previous albums, it did not happen that Stanne could take over the clean vocals. In the song UnDo Control Johanna Andersson sings. Musically, the band began with sonic experiments. Thus, increasingly worked with keyboards, vocals and variablerem new melody lines.

The long period of time between shots and the publication is explained by the change of record company. The album was supposed to reappear at Osmose Productions, but due to the new orientation, one withdrew from the plan. The band bought back the rights and instructed their managers to explore the market. Finally, the band signed to Century Media.


UnDo Control deals with human Zwiespälten. People who aspire one hand for safety and then to feel the urge to live and off uncontrollably each standard. Another theme of the album are fears of the inner and spiritual development.

Title list

The limited edition CD version contained the bonus track exposure.