Haven (Dark Tranquillity album)


  • Vocals: Mikael Stanne
  • Guitar: Martin Henriksson
  • Guitar: Niklas Sundin
  • Bass: Michael Nicklasson
  • Keyboards: Martin Brändström
  • Drums: Anders Jivarp

Haven is the fifth album by the Swedish melodic death metal band Dark Tranquillity. The album was released on 25 July 2000 via Century Media.


Musically, the line of the previous album Projector is continued. Keyboardist Martin Brändström was in the meantime to the fixed member of the band. At first the songs were about six minutes. The band took over again before changes and took on new demos. Originally worked Stanne often with clean vocals. The band noticed that the songs sounded by relaxing to or depressed.

The album was recorded from March to April 2000 at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg. The album was produced by the band and Frederik Nordström. Nordstrom took over the mixing. The mastering took Göran Finnberg in "The Mastering Room ". The artwork was created by Niklas Sundin.


The album title Haven (English for " refuge ") refers loud singer Mikael Stanne on his apartment and the rehearsal room. In his apartment, he feels safe and secure and can work in peace at his lyrics. In the rehearsal room, the band can concentrate on delivering the music. Therefore, the booklet contains pictures from the sanctuary of the band.

The lyrics are mostly of Stannes personal shortcomings. He expresses this very encrypted because he want to reveal too much of his personality.


The album was released on CD and LP. The CD version contains in addition to the eleven tracks the video clip for " UnDo Control " (from the previous album, Projector ). The Japanese CD version includes a bonus track of the song " Cornered ".

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