Construct (album)


Construct is the tenth studio album by the Swedish melodic death metal band Dark Tranquillity. It was released on May 24, 2013, Century Media.


In April 2012 the band signed a new, three studio albums current contract with Century Media. Half a year later, the band began work on a new studio album. The recordings should start after a planned for November and December 2012 European tour with the band Warbringer, which had to be canceled, however. Before the band went into the studio in early 2013 she separated from her bassist Daniel Antonsson, who wanted to care more about his own musical projects and his own studio. The bass was recorded by guitarist Martin Henriksson, who played loud singer Mikael Stanne for the first time since 1999 bass.

Singer Mikael Stanne described the songwriting process for Construct for one of the most difficult in the band's history. All the musicians had different views about how the new album should sound and it turned out to be difficult to find a suitable compromise. In addition, the musicians found themselves in a writer's block, which Stanne in an interview described as " frustriendes and shattering feeling."

" We felt burned out and felt too uninspired to create something new. But it is precisely at this time was a lot of material existence - we were just unable to piece together it and talked about it. Thus, the album became the elephant in the room, about which no one wanted to talk. "

In contrast to previous albums, the songs were not in the rehearsal room the band, but the same in the studio. According Stanne the musicians received a better overview of the new songs and the arrangements could change quickly if necessary. Through this work, the band was able to save a lot of time. When songwriting, the band put higher value on simple melodies. The songs were written by guitarist Niklas Sundin, keyboardist Martin Brandström and drummer Anders Jivarp. Singer Mikael Stanne used again increasingly clear vocals.

For the new album the band was looking for a different sound. In an interview Niklas Sundin said that the new material " much sound -based and built on different moods and atmospheres " is. For this reason, the musicians wanted a producer who " interested in the fine details in the sound " itself. Therefore Construct was mixed by Jonas Bogren at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro instead of the previous Tue Madsen.


The American version of the album also contains the songs Immemorial and photon Dreams. The limited-edition box set contains the album in digipak, a 24-page booklet and a bonus CD with two bonus tracks of the American version. In addition, the album was released as a record with a 7 "single.

For the song Uniformity a music video was filmed. Director here was Patric Ullaeus. According to Niklas Sundin, there should be a " rock-solid band video without extras or action " and shows the band as it plays the song in the rehearsal room.


The lyrics on the album deal with disappointment and profound experiences of human existence. Other songs deal of communication and that people should always be honest. In the song Apathetic singer Mikael Stanne processed writer's block during the making of the album, which initially led him to frustration, before he fell into a depression. By writing the texts he could get out of the situation. The experience from this period were reflected in the album title.

" A construct is a creation of thought that is real if you believe in it. Trust and blind faith in something just as important as skepticism and the idea of a rational way of thinking. Rationality is usually more appropriate than blind faith. [ ... ] I am frustrate many things, but when I write it down, go into the studio and scream with the soul from the body, I feel better. "

Stanne put in writing his lyrics considerations to which the motivations of human actions are based, watching his friends, his family and himself



Construct was chosen by the German magazine Metal Hammer album of the month. According to Katrin Riedl succeeded Dark Tranquillity " to underpin determine their specificity and their place in the Gothenburg scene." If you give the album time " unfolds a deep and convincing work ," for which awarded Riedl six of seven points. For Ronny Bittner of the German magazine Rock Hard " act Mikael Stanne & Co. much bolder, darker and more powerful " than on the previous album. Bittner praised the " oppressive atmosphere ", the "hard Grooves" and the " exciting trip songwriting " and awarded eight out of ten. Nils makers from the online magazine however, criticized the " smooth purged " sound of the album. Especially the guitar riffs sound " tame and degrade themselves to background noise " for which makers seven out of ten were. Disappointed showed Anton Kostudis by the online magazine, for the " little something of the energy and the momentum of past days " offer ten titles. Since moments of surprise and " innovative guitar work " missing he gave five out of ten.

Chart positions

In the Swedish album charts Construct reached as its predecessor ninth. In neighboring Finland, the album was ranked 15th In Germany, the album debuted at number 37 of the Media Control Charts. 68th reached the album in the Swiss charts. For the first time reached an album by Dark Tranquillity the Austrian album charts and debuted at number 67.