Niklas Sundin

Niklas Sundin ( born August 13, 1974 in Gothenburg ) is a Swedish guitarist, designer and copywriter.


Sundin was one of the founding members of Dark Tranquillity, who formed in 1989 as " Septic Broiler ". On their first albums Sundin wrote the lyrics, but later gave this task to the singer Mikael Stanne from. On the album Fiction again Sundin wrote the song "Inside the Particle Storm ". For the band In Flames Sundin wrote the lyrics for the album Lunar Strain and Subterranean. When the albums The Jester Race and Whoracle Sundin translated the written by In Flames vocalist Anders Fridén on Swedish texts into English. In 2007, the band Laethora Sundin. He was also a founding member of Hammerfall, until he left the band in 1995.


Sundin founded the company Cabin Fever Media. Subject the company 's cover and web design. Sundin not only designed the album cover for his own band, but also for well-known metal bands like Arch Enemy, Dark Age, In Flames, Ablaze My Sorrow and Sentenced.