The Gallery (album)


The Gallery is the second album by the Swedish melodic death metal band Dark Tranquillity. The album was released on 27 November 1995 via Osmose Productions.


The Gallery was recorded and mixed at Studio Fred Mann April-May 1995. It is the first album on which Mikael Stanne is the lead singer. The female vocals, which, inter alia, can be heard at The Gallery, were taken by Eva- Marie Larsson. The CD cover was designed by Kristian Wåhlin.


There are also a limited to 1000 copies promo CD, with a designed by Niklas Sundin CD covers. In 2005, the album via Century Media was re-released with a slight cover change. As bonus material, in addition to the two cover songs of the 10 " box were mitveröffentlicht another 3 cover songs.

Title list

Bonus Songs 10 "Box

Bonus Songs 2005