Fiction (Dark Tranquillity album)


  • Vocals: Mikael Stanne
  • Guitar: Martin Henriksson, Niklas Sundin
  • Bass: Michael Nicklasson
  • Keyboards: Martin Brändström
  • Drums: Anders Jivarp

Fiction is the eighth album by the Swedish melodic death metal band Dark Tranquillity. The album was recorded on 20 April 2007 ( Europe) and April 17, 2007 (North America) released via Century Media.


After all the recent Dark Tranquillity albums were produced by Frederik Nordström, the band broke new ground in fiction. The music was recorded in various studios from October to November 2006. Guitar and vocals were recorded in the Rogue Music and Nacksving Studion, the bass and the electronics in the Rogue Music Studio and the drums in the studio IF.

The song "Inside the Particle Storm " was written entirely by guitarist Niklas Sundin. Sundin is also responsible for the artwork of the album. For the first time since the Haven album (2000) Mikael Stanne sings again with his clear voice. In fiction you can hear the clear voice in " Misery's Crown " and "The Mundane and the Magic ".

During the final song "The Mundane and the Magic " The Theatre of Tragedy singer Nell Sigland is heard. For the first time since " UnDo Control" ( from the album Projector, 1999) is thus again a singer on a Dark Tranquillity album to hear. The contact to Sigland presented keyboardist Martin Brändström ago. Brändström addition to his tenure at Dark Tranquillity live keyboarder with Tiamat and learned Sigland at a joint tour know.

Was mixed and mastered the album by Tue Madsen. The finished images were sent by the band without comment and also during mixdown no band member in Madsen's Antfarm Studio was present.

The song "Focus Shift" was uploaded on 1 February 2007 on the MySpace page for this song a video clip was filmed. Directed by Roger Johansson, who directed even at the video clips for " Lost to Apathy " and "The New Built".

Lyrical background

The album title sums up loud singer Mikael Stanne fiction together the lyrical concept of the album. "It's about not to run away from his problems or hide them, but to draw strength from them to create something new. " () In "The Lesser Faith" (original working title was " SignifiCunt " ) deals Stanne with the that many people rely phenomenon to higher forces, rather than to take their lives into their own hands. In " Icipher " Stanne describes his observations that the behavior of many people is dictated by their fears. For the album title, he also stated the following: "On one hand I wanted my lyrics this time do not let get too personal, so I created for the plate fictional characters that I could project my worries and problems. On the other hand, summarizes " Fiction" part, the textual overall concept. " ()


The regular CD contains the ten titles listed below. In Japan and Australia, the album contains one bonus track ("A Closer End" or " Winter Triangle ").

Moreover, there is a limited CD / DVD package. The DVD contains the video clips to "Focus Shift" and "The New Build" ( a song from the previous album, Character ), a studio report, live recordings, wallpapers, a screensaver and a patch. The booklet with this limited version is 20 pages larger than with the regular version. Finally, the limited edition comes in a transparent slipcase. Part of the first edition of the Special Edition has a fault, it can not open the screensaver there. The band provides on its website a working version available.

Finally Fiction still appeared as a record. The LP is the album also in a CD. As with its predecessor, the LP character has a different cover.

Title list

On 20 June 2008, the Fiction Expanded Edition was released, which also included these tracks:

Focus Shift EP

Towards the end of the U.S. tour in April 2007, a special " Tour EP" sold. This EP contains the songs "Focus Shift" and "Terminus ( Where Death is Most Alive ) ".