The Chicago Marathon (official name since 2008 Bank of America Chicago Marathon ) is a marathon in Chicago, the world's one of the biggest. Due to its extremely flat course and the commitment of international elite runners four world records were sold here already.

To participate, it requires no qualifying time. The official finish time is after six and a half hours, which is generous, according to American is rather strictly according to European standards.


Chicago's first marathon was held on 25 September 1977 the entry fee was $ 5. With 2,128 finishers of the new run was immediately one of the best-attended marathons in the world. The winners were named Dan Cloeter ( 2:17:52 ) in Indiana and Dorothy Doolittle ( 2:50:47 ) in Texas.

Already during the follow- race competed over 5,200 runners, one of which came despite intense heat 4,053 to the finish. This race was first run in the U.S. of two blocks.

In 1982, for the first time awarded prize money. Two years later, the Brit Steve Jones with a world record 2:08:05.

Although at the 10th anniversary in 1987 competed already 12,000 runners and 8,173 finished the race, there was the following year due to lack sponsors a marathon, but only a half marathon.

1994 was the LaSalle Bank, a new sponsor be won, and the run was henceforth officially LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon. Following the acquisition of LaSalle Bank by Bank of America in 2008, the name was adjusted accordingly.

In 1999, the Moroccan Khalid Khannouchi on another world record with 2:05:42. The following year he won, now American citizens, become, with the U.S. record time of 2:07:01.

2001, the actually committed as a pacemaker for the first half of the course Benedict Muli Kimondiu decided to go through and won the race. In the same race Catherine Ndereba ran 2:18:47 with a world record time, resulting in Chicago now could ascribe American records and world records for men and women.

The following year, it was Paula Radcliffe, who gave the fourth world record with 2:17:18 Chicago.

Since 2006, the Chicago Marathon is one of the World Marathon Majors.

2007 the race had to be canceled after at temperatures above 30 ° C an amateur runner had collapsed dead and had to be supplied hundreds of athletes by paramedics. The winning times this year were the circumstances, the slowest since 1995 and 1992 respectively in the same year there was the tightest finish in the history of the Chicago Marathon. Only 0.05 seconds separated the winner Patrick Mutuku Ivuti the Second Jaouad Gharib.


The start is at Grant Park on Columbus Drive. After a short loop that leads north to the left bank of the Chicago River, the Loop, the downtown area of ​​Chicago is run. About the LaSalle Drive it then goes north to the Lincoln Park and Belmont Harbor, where 12 km of the northernmost point of the track is reached. After another five miles, they had again reached the Loop. Now, the course turns to the west on Adams Street. Shortly after the United Center is 24 km from the westernmost point of the track at the Women's Avenue. After you pass the University of Illinois at Chicago and traversed Little Italy. Zigzag we go from here to the southeast, where near the Crown Hall is the southernmost point of the route at km 37. About the Michigan Avenue one returns northward back to the center and turn at the One Museum Park in Grant Park, where enters on the Columbus Drive to the finish.


Track records

  • Men: 2:03:45 h, Dennis Kimetto (KEN ), 2013
  • Women: 2:17:18 h, Paula Radcliffe (GBR ), 2002

Finisher 2013

  • 39 098 runners in the target ( 21,581 men and 17,518 women)

List of winners

Source for results: website of the organizer and ARRS

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