Christian Plaziat

Christian Plaziat ( born October 20, 1963 in Lyon ) is a former French athlete who became European Champion in the decathlon and heptathlon Hall, 1995 he became the first World Indoor Champion in the all around. From 1985 to 1996 he reached in 34 Ten Fighting over 8000 points.

At a height of 1.91 m his competition weight was 87 kg.


1981 Plaziat twelfth in the high jump at the Junior European Championships. He then devoted himself to the all-around. His first final placement at international championships succeeded Plaziat at the European Championships 1986 in Stuttgart when he was seventh with 8196 points. He was thus one place ahead of his compatriot and long -time colleague Alain Blondel. A year later at the 1987 World Championships was fourth with 8307 points Plaziat, he was 68 points behind the bronze medal Pawel Tarnowetski won from the USSR. At the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul was Plaziat with 8272 points in fifth, 56 points behind the Canadians Dave Steen on rank 3

His biggest success Christian Plaziat at the European Championships in 1990 in Split. He was 138 points before the Second Dezso Szabo from Hungary. Plaziats victories performance of 8574 points also means 2007 or French record. In Tokyo at the 1991 World Championships took Plaziat with 8122 points ninth.

At the European Indoor Championships in 1992 in Genoa the heptathlon for men was discharged as Vorführwettbewerb. Plaziat won this competition with 6418 points and 300 points ahead of the Czechs Robert Změlík. In the summer of 1992 Plaziat had to deal with injuries and went without a single completed decathlon at the Olympic Games in Barcelona. While Změlík with 8611 points Olympic champion, was Plaziat on after high jump. 1992 is the only year 1985-1996, in the Plaziat not got over 8000 points, he finished the year without a decathlon result.

In Stuttgart at the World Championships in 1993 Plaziat was back in the world class. With 8398 points, he finished sixth. In the bronze medal of the German Paul Meier, however Plaziat had 150 points behind. At the European Indoor Championships in Paris in 1994 the heptathlon was first held as an official competition. Plaziat won with 6268 points ahead of Sweden's Henrik DAGARD and before Alain Blondel. In the summer at the European Championships in Helsinki in 1994 Blondel won before DAGARD and the Russian Lew Lobodin, 74 points behind Lobodin Plaziat reached the fourth place.

At the World Indoor Championships in Barcelona in 1995 for the first time the heptathlon was held as an official competition, having won in Toronto in 1993 Dan O'Brien with 6476 points a Vorführwettbewerb. In the Championship premiere Plaziat won with 6246 points ahead of Czech Tomáš Dvořák. How 1993 Plaziat also finished sixth at the 1995 World Championships in Gothenburg. With 8206 points, however, he had more than 200 points off a medal. His last great decathlon completed Plaziat at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. With 8282 points, he came eleventh. Plaziat adopted at the World Indoor Championships in Paris in 1997 with a fifth place and 6106 points from his audience.


Until 2007, only the Czech world record holder Roman Šebrle completed more than ten fights with 8000 points Plaziat, Tomáš Dvořák has reached 34 times as Plaziat the 8000 - point mark.

40 years after Ignace Heinrich asked France Plaziat again a European champion in the decathlon. With Plaziat and Blondel Decathlon in France was extremely popular. In Talence in Arles and high class More fights are held every year since then. Plaziat, who also won the all-around Mösle meeting in Götzis 1989, won the Décastar in Talence 1988-1991 four times in a row and thus contributed significantly to the popularity of the meetings at.