Col de Peyresourde

Col de Peyresourde, pass


The Col de Peyresourde is a 1569 meter high mountain pass in the central Pyrenees on the border of the French department of Haute -Garonne and Hautes -Pyrenees. About the Pass leads the D 618

From Luchon in the east of the Col de Peyresourde is 15.27 km long. On this side, the difference in altitude is 939 m at an average gradient of 6.1%, the maximum slope is 9.3 %.

From Armenteule in the West, the increase is 8.3 km long with an altitude difference of 629 m and an average gradient of 7.6%, the maximum gradient is 11.3 %.

Tour de France

The Col de Peyresourde was the first pass, which was traversed in the Tour de France 1910. There Octave Lapize was the first at the summit. So far, the pass was included 62 times in this cycling race.

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