Daniel Noonan

Daniel Noonan ( born October 28, 1979 in Warren ( New South Wales)) is an Australian rower.

He began in 1995 with the rowing, in 1997, he finished with the sculls fifth place at the Junior World Championships. His World Cup debut was in 2000 in Lucerne with a twelfth place in the quadruple sculls. Only in 2006, he succeeded at the World Cup in Munich with third place in the quadruple sculls a podium placement at an international regatta. The World Rowing Championships in 2006, the boat finished ninth. After a year in the One with a 15th place at the World Cup in Amsterdam as the best placement Noonan returned in 2008 in the quadruple sculls back. The four reached the final at the Olympic Games in Beijing and finished in the lineup Christopher Morgan, James McRae, Brendan Long and Daniel Noonan fourth place.

2009, the quadruple sculls was completely reshuffled; with Nick Hudson, Jared Bidwell and David Crawshay won Noonan the silver medal at the World Rowing Championships 2009 after the Polish sculls. 2010 received the Australian sculls in the cast Karsten Forster Ling, David Crawshay, James McRae and Daniel Noonan the bronze medal at the World Championships in New Zealand. 2011 came Christopher Morgan for Crawshay into the boat, Morgan, McRae, Forster Ling and Noonan won gold at the World Championships in Bled. 2012 occupied the Australian sculls third place at the Olympic Games in London behind the German and Croatian boat.