Single scull

A One (also Skiff or 1x ) is a rowed by one person rowing boat. For the competitive sport there is a defined by FISA Olympic boat class, this is rowed in rowing training and preparation for regattas in team boats. This serves to lay the foundations in the strength-endurance, and engineering.

One - design racing

A racing One is about 8 feet long and about 0.28 meters wide. He must weigh in for competitions at least 14 kg. Each is a boom on both sides. The rower has in his hands each a skull that is secured by an oarlock on the boom.

At the bow there is the Bugball and the starting number holder. In these, the starting number is inserted at a regatta.

The control of the boat takes the rower itself During training, he turns around regularly so that it can react to obstacles. At the race and during training on a track with Albano system can be based on the paid periodically buoys.

Wedding One

Under high time one or Cavalier One means a skiff with coxswain course. The term is attributed to the fact that the tax man a woman's place should allow the participation in sport of her husband, because it was forbidden her time of its construction, to row itself. Nowadays rarely find exits with wedding Einern instead. This class of boat is used by clubs who do not own such a boat, for the beginners training.