Dumaguete City is the capital of the province of Negros Oriental in the Visayas in the Philippines. It is the largest city in the province and has the most important commercial port in the southeast of the island of Negros close to the mouth of the Banica. Dumaguete is known for its many universities and colleges. The townspeople Dumagueteños call themselves. Dumaguete is often called the "City of serenity ".


The term Dumaguete originates from the word danggit from the dialect Cebuano word meaning " to steal " because the coast was occasionally haunted by Muslim pirates from Mindanao. 1572 founded the Spanish officer Diego Lopez Povedano the city as " Dana Guet ​​". In 1734 it was renamed by Murillo Velarde in Dumaguete.

1890, the island - province of Negros into two provinces was divided politically and militarily. After the American occupation Dumaguete was posted on May 1, 1901 the capital of the province of Negros Oriental. In the period here was the first Protestant university in the Philippines, the Silliman University, built.

During the Second World War the Japanese army took over on May 26, 1942, the city. Three years later, on 26 April 1945 it was retaken by the U.S. Army and Filipino freedom fighters.

On June 15, 1948 Dumaguete has been recognized by the government as a city and later on 21 June 1969 by Republic Act No. 5797, declared an independent city.


Cebuano is the most common language spoken throughout the city Filipino language. Hiligaynon, Tagalog and English are also widely understood. The population consists mainly of descendants of immigrants from Cebu, Bohol, Panay and Mindanao.


Dumaguete City is considered as an important university town. The seven universities and colleges attended by about 30,000 students. The high level of education attracts many students from the other provinces of the country.

The harbor is the hub for sugar, rice and fish industry and a hub of ferry traffic.

In recent years, much has been invested in the city. It is connected by fiber optic cable and became a center of information technology.


Dumaguete is a popular destination for tourists. Firstly, it has very good transport links to other Visayas, on the other hand, there are around numerous touristic places. On the coast you can occasionally see dolphins and whales. Not far from the city, there are also many dive sites, spa resorts and beaches.


Dumaguete City is politically subdivided into 30 barangays ( districts ). The smallest barangay is Barangay 4, and the largest Barangay Banilad.

  • Bagacay
  • Bajumpandan
  • Balugo
  • Banilad
  • Bantayan
  • Batinguel
  • Bunao
  • Cadawinonan
  • Calindagan
  • Camanjac
  • Candau -ay
  • Cantil -e
  • Daro
  • Junob
  • Looc
  • Mangnao - Canal
  • Motong
  • Piapi
  • Barangay 1
  • Barangay 2
  • Barangay 3
  • Barangay 4
  • Barangay 5
  • Barangay 6
  • Barangay 7
  • Barangay 8
  • Pulantubig
  • Tabuctubig
  • Taclobo
  • Talay