Edinburgh Napier University

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The Edinburgh Napier University is a university in Scotland. It is equipped with more than 17,000 students one of the largest universities in the country.


The Edinburgh Napier University was opened in 1964 as Napier Technical College and is named after John Napier, named the inventor of logarithms, who was born in Merchiston Castle, the seat of today's Merchiston campus. After several intermediate stages, renaming 1966 in Napier College of Science and Technology, 1969 in Napier College of Commerce and Technology and Napier Polytechnic in 1986 she was awarded university status in 1992.

1994 bought the University of the grounds of today's Craig House on the campus is the historic Craig House building is located, which was built around the 16th century. 2004 Craiglockhart Campus was opened on which the Faculty is located in Economics.

The University was awarded the 2009 Queen's Anniversary Prize for innovations in building development.

In January 2011, the new Sighthill campus was opened, which houses the Faculties of Health and Social Sciences.

The motto of the University is Nisi sapientia frustra ( English meaning "Everything is in vain without knowledge" ) and is based on the motto Nisi Dominus frustra the city of Edinburgh ( English meaning "Everything is in vain without the LORD " )

Courses and students

The Edinburgh Napier University is one of the more successful universities of Scotland in the exchange of their graduates ( 93.2 % vs. 92.2 % on average for all Scottish universities ). With over 30 % international students, the university is very internationally oriented.

At the Edinburgh Napier University has three faculties: Health, Life & Social Sciences, Engineering, Computing & Creative Industries, Napier University Business School. The curriculum is wide ranging, including computer science, electrical engineering, architecture and civil engineering on management, marketing, finance, biology, psychology to journalism, law, product design, sports and music.

Was particularly distinguished the university, especially in the engineering subjects such as civil engineering and interdisciplinary engineering subjects which are grouped under general engineering. So she finished 2011 at the university ranking of the British newspaper The Times in professional general engineering space 14 and specialist civil engineering rank 17 According to the ranking of the Guardian newspaper she won in 2011 even in the field of General Engineering ranked 11th in the UK and # 1 in Scotland.


The University is spread across the five sites, Merchiston, Craig House, Craiglockhart, Sighthill and Marchmont in Edinburgh as well as the two other locations Livingston and Melrose, outside the city.

Sighthill Campus

The Sighthill Campus opened in January 2011. It is the seat of the Departments of Health and Social Sciences and currently the most modern campus of the University, which in addition to more than 750 computer workstations also includes a sports center.


The Merchiston Campus is the seat of the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Creative Industries. He is the tower of Merchiston Castle, the family seat of John Napier, after whom the University is named built. The Merchiston Castle is also the seat of the Clan Napier. On campus is the Jack Kilby Computing Centre, which has been named after the inventor of the integrated circuit, and approximately 500 computer workstations offers.

The Napier Students' Association (NSA ) ( similar to the German student council ) is near the Merchiston Campus, located in a house.

Craig House Campus

The Craig House campus sits on the site of the old Thomas Clouston Clinic, which had been a psychiatric hospital until 1990. On campus you will find the faculties Arts & Creative Industries, the Ian Tomlin School of Music.

Craiglockhart Campus

On the Craiglockhart campus are the departments of law and economics as well as the conference center of the University. The campus was built on the site of Craiglockhart Hydropathic hospital complex, which has been known during World War II as the Craiglockhart War Hospital. The Craiglockhart Campus was processed in 2004 and includes two large classrooms, language labs and a variety of computer workstations.

Research and Knowledge Transfer

The University has nine different institutes for research and knowledge transfer:

  • Edinburgh Institute
  • Employment Research Institute
  • Institute for Science & Health Innovation
  • Institute for Creative Industries
  • Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation
  • Institute for Product Design & Manufacture
  • Institute for Sustainable Construction
  • Forest Products Research Institute
  • Transportation Research Institute


  • Catriona Shearer, BBC reporter
  • John Andrew Barrett, Scottish politician
  • James Boyle, arts supremo ( Honorary Doctorate )
  • Moray Callum, Scottish automotive designers
  • Jim Dobbin, Scottish politician
  • Tom Harris, Scottish politician
  • Craig McGill, writer, media analyst
  • Tavish Scott, Scottish politician
  • Gordon Smart, a journalist with the daily newspaper The Sun
  • Kyle Traynor, Scottish rugby player
  • Paolo Buoni, director of the European Energy Centre