Newcastle University

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The Newcastle University is a state university in the city of Newcastle in the North East of England. It is one of the UK's leading research universities and is a member of the Russell Group.


The University of Newcastle goes back to 1834, founded the School of Medicine and Surgery. In 1852 it was connected as a college of the University of Durham and called himself now University of Durham College of Medicine. 1871 Physics College was founded, which renamed itself in 1883 to Durham College of Physical Science. 1934, the two colleges were merged in Newcastle to King's College. The University College in Newcastle grew faster than the rest of the university and so arose repeatedly stresses. 1952, the proposal was made, the University renamed to University of Newcastle and Durham. This was rejected and it was decided in 1963 with the division of the university. Based in Newcastle, King's College became the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (which is the official designation today ).

The University operates the botanical garden Moorbank Garden.

Known graduates

  • Rowan Atkinson ( born 1955 ), comedian and actor
  • Ed Coode ( b. 1975 ), rowers
  • Bryan Ferry ( born 1945 ), singer and songwriter
  • Paul Kennedy ( b. 1945 ), historian, political scientist and author
  • Terry Farrell ( b. 1939 ), architect