Aberystwyth University

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The Aberystwyth University ( Welsh: Prifysgol Aberystwyth ) is a university in Wales, United Kingdom. The Aberystwyth University emerged from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, a Member of the United University of Wales on 1 October 2007. The University of Wales, Aberystwyth was the first university institutions that were founded in Wales. In 2005 the university had approximately 7,000 students, distributed among 18 academic departments. The nickname of the university among the students is But. The Economic Institute is accredited by the Association of MBAs. The Institute for International Policy, which was established in 1919, the first of its kind was the world. Today it is one of the largest in the world and Europe's largest in this area.


The University was founded in 1872 as University College Wales. The first rector was Thomas Charles Edwards with 26 students. In 1894 the College was co-founder of the University of Wales. ( Before that, the students were tested by the University of London).

1919, the first institute was established in the world of International Politics at Aberystwyth.

Among the professors were R. Geraint Gruffydd, Bobi Jones, EH Carr and Leopold Kohr.

In 1989, the College of Librarianship Wales was founded in Llanbadarn with the Institute of Information and Library Studies. In 1996, the Welsh Agricultural College merged with the Institute for Agriculture and thus founded the Welsh Institute of Rural Studies. It was subsequently renamed the Institute of Rural Sciences.

AberMUD, the first known internet-based MUD, was written by the then student Alan Cox.


The main campus is located on the Penglais Hill, you can see over the town of Aberystwyth and Cardigan Bay. Among them is the National Library of Wales. The original building of the University, by the sea, is still used and called Old College. Another campus is located in the east of Aberystwyth in the small village of Llanbadarn Fawr. There are the Institute of Information and Library Studies building, agriculture, and other subjects.


  • Art
  • Biology
  • Computer science
  • English
  • European Languages
  • Geography & Geology
  • History & Welsh History
  • Information
  • International Politics
  • Law
  • School of Education & Lifelong Learning
  • School of Management & Business
  • Mathematics & Physics
  • Agriculture
  • Sports Science
  • Theatre, Film & Television Studies
  • Welsh

Known graduates

  • Alan Cox ( born 1968 ), Programmers, Linux kernel developers
  • Carwyn James (1929-1983), Welsh rugby player and coach
  • Prince Charles, Prince of Wales ( b. 1948 )
  • January Pijia (* 1963), Animation animator for Pixar, who won an Oscar
  • Neil Hamilton ( born 1949 ), British Member of Parliament
  • Ahmad Tejan Kabbah (1932-2014), President of Sierra Leone
  • Waldo Williams (1904-1971), Welsh poet
  • DJ Williams (1885-1970), Welsh writer
  • Frederick Soddy (1877-1956), Nobel Prize in Chemistry ( 1921)
  • Mark Williams (born 1966 ), Member of Parliament for Ceredigion
  • Gwynfor Evans (1912-2005), the first Member of Parliament for Plaid Cymru


A popular drinking song of the students is: "We are the lads from Aberystwyth, / we are the lads you shoulderstand get pissed with, / we are the lads who shake your misses, / we are the lads - let 's have a week! "