Eleusis ( ancient Greek Ἐλευσίς in Modern Greek, Elefsína, Ελευσίνα ( f sg ) ) is a town about 30 km northwest of Athens. Its importance was there in the mysteries of Eleusis, one of the major cults of Greek religion. Today the city is under the name Elefsina a suburb of Athens.


Eleusis is located on the northern shore of the Saronic Gulf northwest of the Greek capital of Athens in the Attica region. The European Route 94 from Athens to Corinth leads through the village. To the north lie Mandra and Magoula, in the north- east, the Thriasische level with Aspropyrgos. At the western edge of the town is the largest oil refinery in Greece, in the east of Athens closest military airfield of the Greek Air Force.


The archaeological site of Eleusis is located on a 63 m high rock, on the top of a modern clock tower stands. Most ruins date from Roman times. Especially under the emperors Hadrian and Marcus Aurelius, numerous buildings were built.

About a forecourt you enter the Propylaea, which were modeled on those of the Athenian Acropolis. A grotto in the rock, the Ploutonion was regarded as the gateway to Hades. The most important building of the sanctuary was the Telesterion a large temple, which originally dates from around 600 BC and back has been extended several times. His inner sanctum was the Anaktoron in which the sacred cult objects were stored. At the edge of the excavation site is an archaeological museum.