The community Kesariani circumscribed (Greek Καισαριανή ( f sg ) ), also Kessariani or Kaisariani, is a suburb in the east of the Greek capital Athens.


Kesariani lies about 7 km east of the Acropolis, 4 km south-west of Katechaki boulevards, 4 km from the Hymettus Ring, which is part of the Attiki Odos, and 6 km south of Kifissia boulevards. The community is being developed by the Olof Palme Boulevard. Kesariani bordered to the north by Zografos, to the west of Athens, on the east by Koropi, to the south and southeast Vyronas Peania.


Ano Kaisariani

The area was formerly agricultural, among other things, to growing vegetables and used as pasture and wooded. Middle of the 20th century displaced urban residential development in agriculture. Open spaces left in the southeast; in the east, the wooded mountain Hymettus joins; through a valley, a road leads to Athens telecommunications tower. The University of Athens is predominantly located in the northeast of the municipality in Zografos. In the center of the village stands a hill, the east, the area on the Hymettus is rocky and forested. Of the 85 km ² municipal district, 75 km along the mountain and forest.

The monastery is located in the east Kaisariani on Hymettus.


The community was founded in 1922 as a refugee camp for displaced people from Asia Minor, most of which came from Smyrna. In 1934 Kesariani a district of Athens, an independent village was, until then collected.

Tragic importance was the shooting of Kesariani as a place of execution during the German occupation.


Mayor since early 2011 Andonis Kambakas.


The Basketball Club Near East Kesariani (Greek Νήαρ Ήστ ), founded in 1927, plays in the second Greek league. The team plays in Kaisariani stage. The Ethnikos Asteras Club Kesariani plays since 2002 after several years in the first division again in the second division.