Estancia (Iloilo)

Estancia (Filipino: Bayan ng Estancia, Hiligaynon: Sangguniang Bayan Estancia ) is a metropolitan area municipality in the province of Iloilo on Panay Island in the Philippines. It has 42,666 inhabitants ( census May 1, 2010 ) living in 25 barangays. It belongs to the second class of income communities in the Philippines and is described as partly urban.

Estancia is located opposite on the eastern coast of the island of Panay, on the busy waterway in the Guimaras Strait, the Negros. The capital of the province, Iloilo City is located approximately 129 km southwest of the community and can be reached from there by bus or jeepney. The neighboring municipalities are Bălăşan in the West, Batad in the southwest and Carles in the north. The topography of the municipality is determined by lowlanders and a hilly landscape in the island's interior.

From the fishing port of Estancia islands Sicogon, Calagnaan and the archipelago of the Gigantes Islands can be reached.


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