Florence Airport, Peretola

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Florence Airport (Italian: Aeroporto Firenze -Peretola " " Amerigo Vespucci " ) is an Italian commercial airport in Florence. Since he is considered by many to be too small for the needs of the capital of Tuscany and the expansion has long been prevented from the Pisa airport plays an important complementary role. At the moment the airport is expanded: In addition to the complete construction of a new terminal ( scheduled to open in late 2012 [ deprecated] ) there are three different plans for the relocation of the airstrip, which would allow even under unfavorable wind conditions offs and landings.

Transport links

The four kilometers northwest of the downtown airport is connected by bus to the train station of Firenze S. Maria Novella ( Vola in bus). The bus runs every 30 minutes. The airport can be reached on foot only if you cross a four-lane road with no pedestrian crossing. SITA offers a shuttle bus to the main station.

The line located at the project stage 2 tram Florence will connect the airport to the main station and the historical old town.


A first airfield was established in 1910 in the Campo di Marte district ( Field of Mars ) - an area which is now used as a football pitch. When he could no longer meet the requirements in the 1920s, it began in 1928 with a new building between Florence and Sesto Fiorentino. The new Florence Peretola Airport was put into operation in the early 1930s and further expanded in the following years.

Opened in 1939 to a 1000 meter long asphalt runway. In the 1950s, Alitalia offered for the first time on scheduled flights to Rome, Venice and Milan. The current airport operating company Aeroporto di Firenze SpA was founded in 1984. In that year also great expansion work began: The start and runway was extended to 1,400 meters, advanced navigation systems have been established and the terminal and expanded. In 1990 they named the airport after the Florentine navigator and explorer Amerigo Vespucci. The expansion of the airport was continued in the 1990s. In 2001, the facility received a EN-ISO-9001/2000-Zertifizierung.

Since the current start and runway can only be approached by aircraft up to the size of the Boeing 737-700 and Airbus A319, there are proposals for a long time to build a new, 2,000 meters long path parallel to the A11 motorway. The dominated by former communists City Council has so far always decided against the new track, since launching or landing aircraft would fly over the Old Town.

A new check -in area with 40 counters on the first floor of the new building was put into operation: In the summer of the year 2012, Terminal 2 was gradually opened.

Florence since December 2012, a twelve bases by Vueling, which flies to seven destinations from here.