Crotone Airport

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The Crotone Airport ( Italian: Aeroporto Crotone S. Anna ) is the smallest of the three airports in the southern Italian region of Calabria.


The airport is located in the province of Crotone, 15 km southwest of the port city of Crotone on the territory of the municipality Isola di Capo Rizzuto near the village of Sant'Anna. He reports to the Authority ENAC, it is operated by the local airport company Società Aeroporto Gestione S. Anna SpA

Regional traffic concept

During the Reggio Calabria Airport covers the western part of Calabria and Lamezia Terme Airport richer traffic is intended for the northern Tyrrhenian coast, is meant to improve the traffic situation and the development of tourism of the south coast on the Ionian Sea to the Crotone Airport. In recent years, however, it is not able to step out of the shadow of neighboring Lamezia Terme. 2008 92.586 passengers were handled, in 2009 there were only 53,672 passengers, with 103 828 passengers in 2010 was the collapse of the crisis year 2009 largely overcome.

There are scheduled flights to Rome and Milan. Once a week, Air Dolomiti operates the route from Crotone to Munich. Especially in the summer months, the charter traffic from northern Italy and northern Europe revived somewhat. In addition, the General Aviation is dispatched.


The airport was put into operation in the 1960s and then served in the years from a few charter airlines. Domestic flights with smaller regional aircraft initially led by Itavia. The airport was shut down in the late 1970s, then revived by the local Aero Club. Alitalia flew the airport to sporadic. 1996 tried a Calabrian entrepreneur with his airline Airlines Minerva his fortune, but he failed in 2004. It remained beside Alitalia and Air One a few regional, charter and low cost airlines.

In the late 1980s there were concrete plans to rebuild the Crotone airport into a military airfield for the United States Air Force. The works were partly already signed. A stationed in Torrejón, Spain Squadron ( 401st Tactical Fighter Wing ) with 72 F -16 fighter aircraft should be routed to Crotone. Because of the new world situation you finally decided to disband the squadron, or a partial transfer in Northern Italy Aviano.