Reggio Calabria Airport

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The Reggio Calabria Airport ( Italian: Aeroporto di Reggio Calabria - Aeroporto dello Stretto "Tito Minniti " ) located in the south of Reggio Calabria, at the tip of the Italian boot, near the Sicilian port city of Messina. Together with the airports of Lamezia Terme and Crotone, he is one of the three airports of the Calabria region.


The Reggio Calabria Airport was constructed as a military airfield in 1939 and named after the pilot Tito Minniti. First scheduled flights started in April 1947. 1976 was definitely the airport over to the civil aviation administration. The Lamezia Terme airport was opened at the same time because of its more central location in Calabria quickly to competitors. The relatively short take-off and landing runways in Reggio Calabria with disabilities a more positive development of commercial air travel. The expansion of the airport of Reggio Calabria has now been accelerated somewhat.

Transport links

  • Car: From the Terminal off the Via Ravagnese runs north to less than five kilometers away from the center, in a southeasterly direction to the State Road 106 The latter bypasses as RA4 north of downtown and has connection to the A3 motorway and the next running state road 18 to Naples in the opposite direction of the SS 106 runs along the southern Ionian coast to Taranto in Apulia. From said major transport arteries branch off several streets in the Aspromonte.
  • Bus: The ATAM urban buses connect the airport with the city center, the port and the railway station. A bus with the name " Volobus " moves to the more northerly port of Villa San Giovanni, from where there are ferries to Messina. The bus ' Jonica Line " offers trips to Caulonia at on the south coast of Calabria.
  • Boat: Boats connect the airport with the ports of Reggio Calabria, Villa San Giovanni and Messina (metro mare ) and the Aeolian Islands. From the terminal buses to the jetty in the south of the airport.
  • Rail: In February 2013 were opened near the airport, the breakpoint Reggio Calabria Aeroporto. Regional trains run from there, among others, the main train station and Reggio Calabria to Villa San Giovanni. Between the airport terminal and the new breakpoint shuttle buses.

Airlines and destinations

Alitalia flies from Reggio Calabria several times a day to Rome and Milan. Air Malta connects Reggio Calabria with Malta.

Special approach procedures

In aviation circles Aeroporto dello Stretto the respectful is called a European Kai Tak. The approach procedure to runway 33 is similar to the famous Checkerboard Approach of the former Hong Kong airport.

The approach to the track 33 in Reggio Calabria provides the following reasons for pilots a challenge:

  • It's a similar approach without ILS glide path (called a non-precision approach Circling ) perform in a topographically difficult terrain. Here are four different heights to be strictly observed.
  • The final approach course is offset by 46 ° ( in Kai Tak 43 ° ) relative to the runway direction. The necessary correction shall be made in the last part of the approach.
  • The runway is short.

The approach may be conducted only with a special training. Numerous visual aids help in the flight guidance. The airport is working to improve the situation. The database of the Aviation Safety Network, are listed in serious flight incidents and accidents since 1943, there is not one in this approach.

Traffic figures