Autostrada A3 (Italy)

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The Autostrada A3 (Italian for, motorway A3 ' ) is an Italian motorway in the south of the country that runs from Naples (Campania ) to Reggio Calabria ( Calabria ). It is part of the Autostrada del Sole, 495 km long and toll-free for the most part.

The highway has connection to today's A1 ( Milan - Naples, formerly A2) and - over a roughly seven -mile Shuttle - to A30 (Caserta - Salerno). About the exit Villa San Giovanni is also the island of Sicily reached by a ferryboat in a short time.

The A3 is part of the European Route 45 in Reggio Calabria, she encounters the RA4, part of the European route 90


The A3 can be divided as follows:

  • Looking at the toll charges, as there are two sections:
  • Looking at the releases for traffic, so there are three sections:
  • Looking at the management, there are two sections:


The A3 has a very great importance for the south of Italy, as it is the main compound in the capital city of Rome and the north of the country economically strong. It also shortens the travel time for the southern Italian "guest workers" who want to visit their home, significantly.

Current Condition

As 1974, the significantly longest section of the motorway was completed (Salerno - Reggio Calabria, 443 miles), this was considered as the largest ever realized work of the state. The South was finally connected by highway to the north - to use did not even have a fee to be paid.

Meanwhile, however, the condition of this section is dire. It must be continuously carried out modernization work, the cause of much of the A3 only one carriageway is usable. In addition, the speed limit in construction zones on for D. 60 km / h or even 40 km / h lowered. Plus a large number of unlit tunnels, sharp right and left turns, potholes, missing guardrails, missing emergency lane, outdated and rusty street signs and the lack of road markings. Furthermore fulfill numerous connection points on the basis of their short or non-existent acceleration and deceleration lanes no longer European standards.

Meanwhile, the new six-lane section section of the junction Salerno has been until after Sicignano degli Alburni in 2008 renovated and completed and opened to traffic. Other sections have already been released in Calabria. However, the geographic structure complicates the progress of the work: many new tunnels and new bridges have to be built. Individual connection points have to be rescheduled in part and adapted to the latest European road standards. Many sharp turns were repaired and the pipeline route was re-determined and plotted. In a recent press release by the Italian Minister for Transport Altero Matteoli said that the final completion and Endsanierung will be completed by 2013.


So far, the A3 Salerno- Reggio Calabria was toll-free. However, is planned for 2011 introduction of a toll on most tributaries, as well as all the ANAS below highway routes.

The Decree-Law 31 maggio 2010 n 78th sees the launch of the new toll system, prior to December 2011 at the latest. According to the accompanying technical report, an electronic payment system will be used instead of the traditional toll booths. From 1 July 2010, the toll was at the nodes with other highways increased ( these are supervised by SAM, di Nocera and Cava dei Tirreni).