Treviso Airport

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Treviso Airport (IATA: TSF, ICAO: LIPH; Italian Aeroporto di Treviso -Sant'Angelo ) is an airport in Treviso in northeast Italy which is mainly used by low cost airlines. He is sometimes marketed under the name "Venice Treviso ", however, the main airport in the nearby lagoon city, the airport is Venice Marco Polo.

Location and Connections

The airport is located about 25 km north of Venice. Treviso and Venice are accessible from the airport by bus.

Airlines and destinations

The airport is mainly used by low cost and charter airlines to bring tourists from Europe to Venice or to the region. Largest Airlines on site are Ryanair, Wizz Air and German Wings.


The airport was built in the 1920s as an airfield of the local aero clubs. In 1935, he was released for commercial traffic and used for military purposes from 1938.

When located on the Lido di Venezia Venice Lido Airfield was no longer cope with the volume of traffic, took over the Treviso Airport from 1953 to 1960 an important supportive role. After the opening of the airport Venice Marco Polo Treviso again served mainly military purposes, to a limited extent also of general aviation.

After the de facto end to the military use of the operator of the airport of Venice (SAVE SpA ) increased the mid-1990s when a Treviso airport, where it now has 80 percent of the shares. The lead Venetian airport operator has assigned a complementary role in low cost, charter and cargo segment, while mainly handles the classic line traffic at the airport Venice Marco Polo Treviso. At the airport they took Treviso 2007, a new terminal in operation and named him on this occasion by the sculptor Antonio Canova.

Due to work on the start and runway, the airport remained from June 1 to December 4, 2011 closed. The airlines operating in Treviso laid in this period their flights to Venice Marco Polo Airport.


The airport is now generally called Aeroporto di Treviso " Antonio Canova ", without the previously common, controversial Location " Treviso -Sant'Angelo ". Located in the northeast civilian part of the airport is San Giuseppe, the military part in the south near Sant'Angelo Sile River. As the importance of the military part of long prevailed, the corresponding place name for the entire airport was used. The local population often calls him yet Canizzano airport (or " Canissan " ), after the district at the military part. The military airport of Treviso -Sant'Angelo is not to be confused with just ten miles north- westerly military airfield Istrana, which is also called Treviso- Istrana.