Guigang (贵港; Pinyin: Guìgǎng ) is a city of Guangxi Autonomous Region of the Zhuang, People's Republic of China. Your Administrative Region in 1999 had approximately 4,460,000 1,650,000 inhabitants and the city itself.

Administrative Divisions

The prefecture-level city Guigang is composed of three county-level city districts, a city and a county. These are:

  • Municipality Gangbei -港 北区Gǎngběi Qū;
  • Municipality Gangnan -港 南 区Gǎngnán Qū;
  • Municipality Tantang -覃塘 区Tántáng Qū;
  • Guiping City -桂平 市Guiping Shì;
  • Circle Pingnan -平 南县Pingnan Xiàn.