Guldbollen (English: Golden Ball) is a trophy that is awarded by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet and the Swedish Football Association ( SvFF ). With it, the best Swedish footballer of the year is awarded since 1946 every year. From 1946 to 1965, the award was presented in collaboration with Stockholm - Tidningen. The choice is with the Austrian sports radio footballer election, the oldest award for player of the year. 1947 was followed by Finland and England in 1948.


First champions in 1946 Gunnar Gren, Zlatan Ibrahimović, with eight awards received 2005-2013 record title holder. In addition, previously were Bo Larsson (1965, 1973), Ronnie Hellström (1971, 1978), Ralf Edström (1972, 1974), Glenn Hysén (1983, 1988), Tomas Brolin (1990, 1994), Patrik Andersson (1995, 2001) Henrik Larsson (1998, 2004) and Fredrik Ljungberg ( 2002, 2006 ) distinguished several times. Between 1947 and 1949 three brothers were honored in a row with the trophy with Gunnar Nordahl, Bertil Nordahl and Knut Nordahl.

Since 1990, the analog award is for the ladies football under the name Diamond Bollen.

Previous winners