Hochfilzen is a municipality in the district of Kitzbühel in Tyrol in Austria with 1147 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013). The municipality is located in the judicial district of Kitzbühel.

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Hochfilzen is one of the five Pillerseetal communities and is located at meal pass at the border to Salzburg.

Neighboring communities


Hochfilzen was once a scattered settlement of farms within the former Hofmark Pillersee. In the nomenclature of goods of the monastery Rott is that Hochfilzen was first documented in 1377. When the region was taken over by Tirol 1504 remained the rights of the monastery as Hofmark retained.

In 1762 appeared the small rural village on the Provincial Court in Kitzbühel. 1753 erected the first school, but could not prevail. About 30 years later, again set up a school. Classes were held in the village inn. Finally, built in 1813 the first school building. In 1906 a new building. In the administrative reform of 1833, the little neighborhood Hochfilzen developed to the community.

1875 erected the Salzburg -Tiroler -Bahn, and thus Hochfilzen was then connected to the most modern transportation.

In 1878, taught for the first time an artillery range in the Schüttach -Au of the imperial army, but was closed in 1908 again. In 1939 he was re-opened and taken over by the army after the Second World War.

With the establishment of Magnesitwerkes in 1957 an economic upswing took place in Hochfilzen. To date, there is this company that promotes magnesite.




Mayor of the municipality since 2004 the doctor Sebastian Eder.

Culture and sights


  • Magnesite in the open pit at the White Stone ( municipality Fieberbrunn ) identify at an altitude 1430-1700 meters and Magnesitverarbeitung since the mid- 1950s, the economic structure of the community.
  • RHI, the global leader in refractory products, since 1959, operated a plant for the manufacture of refractory products on magnesite ( sintered ) in Hochfilzen. For this work also includes a 105 -meter-high chimney. An effective Naßfilteranlage reduces harmful emissions and dirt.


In terms of tourism, the situation between the Leogang Stone Mountains, Lofer Steinberg Mountains and the Kitzbühel Alps, summer tourism and, in particular due to abundance of snow promote winter tourism with focus on the Nordic skiing. The cross-country and biathlon center is known as a venue for cross-country and biathlon World Cup and hosted the Biathlon World Championships 2005.

Two tow lift carry skiers to the book stone wall.

Trail from Grießen Pass to Hochfilzen

Europe trails in Hochfilzen

Buchsteinwand, exit to Hochfilzen

Parade ground

1875 Hochfilzen was connected to the railway network, soon after a military training area was built. The training area is now used by the Austrian army as a military sports center for biathlon as well as survival training for the hunt command. The training area was one of the venues in Lucona scandal, which the late 70s the political Austria shook.


  • Romed Baumann ( born 1986 ), Austrian alpine skier who grew up in Hochfilzen
  • Landertinger (* 1988), Austrian biathlete