Hunterston B nuclear power station


Active reactors ( gross ):

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The Hunterston nuclear power plant is located about eight kilometers south of Largs, North Ayrshire in the UK. It consists of the two nuclear power stations Hunterston A ( two Magnox reactors) and Hunterston B ( two AGR) with a total installed capacity of 1,634 MWe total. Owner of Hunterston A is the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, the operator of the British Nuclear Fuels. The owners and operators of Hunterston B is British Energy.

Hunterston A

Construction of the plant Hunterston A with the two Magnox reactors and Hunterston Hunterston A1 A2 was on 1 October 1957. Both reactors had a net electrical output of 150 MWe and a gross electrical output of 173 MWe. The reactor Hunterston A1 was synchronized on 5 February 1964 the power grid, he went into commercial operation on the same day. The reactor Hunterston A2 was synchronized on June 1, 1964 the power grid, exactly one month later, he went into commercial operation. Hunterston A2 was shut down on 31 December 1989, Hunterston A1. Hunterston A was opened in 1964 by Queen Elizabeth on 30 March 1990. At that time it was the most powerful and most technically advanced nuclear power plant in the world. It was formerly operated by British Nuclear Fuels and now finally shut down by Magnox Limited. The demolition is scheduled to last 135 years. The volume of the radioactive waste to be removed is 37,000 cubic meters.

Hunterston B

Construction of the plant Hunterston B AGR with the B1 and B2 was on November 1, 1967. Reactors each have a net output of 430 MWe and a gross capacity of 644 MWe. The reactor Hunterston B1 first synchronized on February 6, 1976, the power supply and also went on that day in commercial operation. Hunterston B2 was synchronized on 31 March 1977 with the mains, he also went on the same day into commercial operation. The shutdown of both units is scheduled for 2016. Hunterston B provides electrical power for over a million households.

Data of the reactor units

The Hunterston nuclear power plant has a total of four blocks: