Jacob Read

Jacob Read ( * 1752 in Charleston, South Carolina, † July 17, 1816 in Charleston ) was an American politician ( Federalist Party), who represented the state of South Carolina in the Continental Congress and the U.S. Senate.

Read Jacob came in 1752 on the Hobcaw Plantation near Charleston to the world. After his education he studied law and was admitted to the Bar Association. A study in England from 1773 to 1776 joined them, taking in London, together with other Americans a petition against the Boston Port Bill sat up, one of the Intolerable Acts, with the port of Boston was closed for trading.

After returning to South Carolina, he held various military and administrative posts during the Revolutionary War. Between 1780-1781 he was in British captivity and was set in St. Augustine in Florida.

Read the first time in 1782 drew a House of Representatives of South Carolina; the following year he was a member of the State Council ( Privy Council ). From 1783 to 1785 he was a member of the Continental Congress; later he moved again into the parliament chamber of his state, whose speaker he was.

Finally, he was elected in 1794 for the Federalists in the U.S. Senate. His term began on March 4, 1795 and ended on March 3, 1801 after he had missed the re-election. During his time in the Senate in 1797, he was its president pro tempore.