Jesse Franklin

Jesse Franklin ( * March 24, 1760 in Orange County, Virginia; † August 31, 1823 in Surry County, North Carolina ) was an American politician and the 20th Governor of North Carolina. This State, he also represented in both houses of Congress.

Early years and rise to the Senator

Jesse Franklin attended the local schools of his home. In 1774 he came to North Carolina. During the Revolutionary War, he was promoted to Major and was awarded because of special bravery. Franklin's political career began in 1793 when he was elected for two years in the House of Representatives from North Carolina. This he belonged 1797-1798 on again; He also sat from 1805 to 1806 in the state Senate. In the meantime, he joined the Congress in Washington. There he graduated from 1795 to 1797 initially one term in the House before he entered as a representative of the Democratic-Republican Party in the Senate on March 4, 1799. There he remained until March 3, 1805; During this time, he served as President pro tempore of the Senate. In 1806 he was elected for another six -year term in the Senate, which ended on March 3, 1813.

In federal politics, he supported President James Madison. In 1817 he was appointed at the request of General Andrew Jackson as a mediator in the conflict with the Chickasaw Indians.

Governor of North Carolina

In 1820, Franklin was elected to succeed John Branch 20th Governor of North Carolina from the State Parliament. Although he had the possibility of re-election, he refrained and just completed a one-year term, which began on December 7, 1820 and ended on 1 December 1821. During his tenure, he advocated for the improvement of the infrastructure of the state. He reorganized the National Guard and reformed the criminal law, which thereby became more humane.

After the end of his tenure, Franklin retired from politics. He died in August 1823. Jesse Franklin was married to Meeky Perkins. The couple had eight children. His younger brother Meshack was from 1807 to 1815 also a congressman for North Carolina.