Charles B. Deane

Charles Bennett Deane ( born 1 November 1898 in Ansonville, Anson County, North Carolina, † November 24, 1969 in Rockingham, North Carolina ) was an American politician. He represented the state of North Carolina as a delegate in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Charles Deane attended the Pee Dee Academy in Rockingham and then the Trinity Park School in Durham 1918-1920. Thereafter, he graduated in 1923 at the Faculty of Wake Forest College. He was admitted as a lawyer in the same year and then opened a practice in Rockingham.

Deane then worked 1926-1934 for the land registry office in Richmond County. After that, he was a lawyer in the wage and hour division of the Labor Department in Washington, DC in the years 1938 and 1939. Subsequently, he dealt with the administrative law and general insurance business. In addition, he served 1932-1946 as chairman of the Democratic Party in Richmond County. In addition, he was also curator of Wake Forest College.

Deane was in 1946 elected as a Democrat in the 80th and the four succeeding Congresses. His term came from 3 January 1947 to 3 January 1957. He applied again in 1956 to the intra-party nomination for election to the 85th Congress, but failed to Alvin Paul Kitchin. During his tenure in Congress, he refused in 1956, the Southern Manifesto sign that spoke out against racial integration in public institutions.

Charles Deane died on 24 November 1969 in Rockingham. He was buried in the Eastside Cemetery.