Warren Winslow

Warren Winslow ( born January 1, 1810 in Fayetteville, North Carolina; † August 16, 1862 ) was an American politician and the 33rd Governor of the State of North Carolina.

Early years and political rise

Warren Winslow graduated in 1827 from the University of North Carolina. After studying law and qualifying as a lawyer practicing in Fayetteville. His political career began relatively late. In 1854 he was elected as a Democrat to the Senate of North Carolina. There he was immediately Speaker (President ) of the house. After the then constitution of these items corresponded to the in 1868 established the Office of the Lieutenant Governor. As the incumbent Governor David Settle Reid on December 5, 1854 resigned to U.S. Senator in Washington DC to be, Winslow automatically fell to the governorship.

Governor and congressman

However, he had only just four weeks administer this office to bring Reid's tenure to an end. The new legislative session began on January 1, 1855, and Thomas Bragg, a new governor was already chosen, then starting in January took over his duties. In the four weeks as Governor Winslow was prevented from setting their own political accents. Between 1855 and 1861 represented his state in the Winslow U.S. House of Representatives in Washington. In 1861 he was still a delegate to the Congress, which decided to exit North Carolina from the Union. Warren Winslow died in August, 1862, during the Civil War.