James Turner

James Turner ( * December 20, 1766 in Southampton County, Virginia Colony; † January 15, 1824 in Warren County, North Carolina ) was an American politician and twelfth governor of North Carolina. He also represented his state in the U.S. Senate.

Early years

Turner came back in 1770 with his parents from Virginia in the then British colony of North Carolina. The Farmer family settled in Warren County and the young James attended the local schools. During the Revolutionary War, he fought in 1780 in the ranks of a regiment from North Carolina against the British.

Political career

His political rise began in 1797 with his election to the House of Representatives from North Carolina. There he remained until 1800. Between 1801 and 1802 he was in the Senate of his country. In 1802 he was elected as the successor of Benjamin Williams for governor of North Carolina from the House of Representatives. However, he owes this choice the fact that the actually foreseen candidate had passed away. In the following two years he was re-elected in each case, which earned him a three-year continuous term. More is not allowed by the constitution. During this time, border disputes were discussed with the neighboring state of Georgia, and finally settled. Turner campaigned for a project financed by taxes educational system.

Last years and death

After the expiration of his term of office was Turner U.S. Senator in Congress in Washington, DC., He held this position from 1805 to 1816. In Congress he supported the policy of Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. In November 1816 he resigned for health reasons of this office. The rest of his life until his death in 1824 he spent on his plantation Bloomsbury. James Turner was married three times and had six children. Among his son Daniel, who later became a congressman from North Carolina.