Nathaniel Alexander (governor)

Nathaniel Alexander ( born March 5, 1756 Mecklenburg County, North Carolina; † March 8, 1808 in Salisbury, North Carolina ) was an American politician and the 13th Governor of the state of North Carolina.

Early years and political rise

According to the local primary school Alexander attended Princeton University, where he studied medicine. In 1776 he graduated from the owner. The young medic showed his skills in the now following the War of Independence as a medical officer to the test. After the war he practiced medicine first in Santee, South Carolina and then in Charlotte. His political career began in 1797 when he was elected to the House of Representatives from North Carolina. Between 1801 and 1802, he was in the Senate in his home state. From 1803 to 1805 he was a member of the House of Representatives of the United States, where he represented the tenth constituency of North Carolina.

Governor of North Carolina

In 1805 was elected governor of North Carolina Nathaniel Alexander the State Parliament. The following year he was confirmed a third still possible tenure, he leaned from 1807. He officiated between 10 December 1805 and 1 December 1807 Governor. The focus of his government were to improve the education system and the final settlement of the border dispute with Georgia. Even the court system in the districts has been improved. Only a few months after the end of his term, died Nathaniel Alexander. He was married to Margaret Polk. Nathaniel Alexander was also a cousin of Congressman Evan Shelby Alexander.