Edward Bishop Dudley

Edward Bishop Dudley (* December 15, 1789 in Jacksonville, North Carolina, † October 30, 1855 in Wilmington, North Carolina ) was an American politician and the 28th Governor of the state of North Carolina.

Early years and political rise

Edward Dudley visited the Onslow Academy. In 1811 he made ​​his first public appearance, when he was elected to the House of Representatives from North Carolina. There was a brief military episode during the War of 1812, when he commanded a volunteer unit from the Onslow County. He brought it up to lieutenant colonel. After a year in the Senate of North Carolina ( 1814) he was elected to the House of Representatives, where he remained until 1817. From 1829 to 1831 he sat as a Democrat in the House of Representatives of the United States. Later he joined the party and became a member of the Whigs. From 1834 to 1835 he was again in the House of his state. During these years he was among the founders of the railway company Wilmington and Raleigh Railroad and became its president.

Governor of North Carolina

In 1836, the first general election for governor were held in North Carolina. Until then, the House of Representatives determines the governors. This first public election won Edward Dudley against incumbent Richard Spaight. Two years later he was re-elected, so that he could complete a four-year term as a whole. He took office on December 31, 1836 and kept it until January 1, 1841 As governor, he pushed for the development of the infrastructure of the state.; while he promoted the railway, but also the expansion of the road network. He called for a unified state bank over which the country should conduct its financial transactions. It was followed by a reform of criminal law and education. To solve the chronic shortage of teachers in North Carolina, a special school for the training and promotion of teachers was established.

Another Journey

After his retirement from the office of governor, he was re-elected president of the railway company. This office he held until 1846. Thereafter, he retired from politics. Edward Dudley died in 1855. He was married to Eliza Haywood, the couple had six children.