Richard Clauselle Puryear

Richard Claus Elle Puryear ( born February 9, 1801 Mecklenburg County, Virginia; † July 30, 1867 in Yadkin County, North Carolina ) was an American politician ( Whig Party and American ).

Even in his childhood, his family moved into the Surry County in North Carolina. There he went to study classical music and became a plantation owner near Huntsville. In addition, he pursued a military and political career. Puryear served in the militia as a colonel and was magistrate of Surry County. He was four times, in 1838, 1844, 1846 and again in 1852, elected to the House of Representatives from North Carolina. He also spent a term in the Senate of North Carolina. Then he ran successfully twice, once in 1852 as a Whig and then again in 1854 as the candidate of the American Party, for a seat in the U.S. Congress ( 33rd and 34th Congress ). Then he made a start on the 35th U.S. Congress, but failed.

Puryear worked on 4 March 1853 to March 3, 1857 U.S. House of Representatives. When then his home state in 1861 breaking away from the Union, he took this as a delegate in the Provisional Konföderiertenkongress in Richmond. After the war he was a delegate to the Peace Congress in Philadelphia. Then he went back to his farm work. He died on his plantation "Shallow Ford " in Yadkin County and was buried there in the family cemetery.