Harold D. Cooley

Harold Dunbar Cooley ( born July 26, 1897 in Nashville, Nash County, North Carolina; † January 15, 1974 in Wilson, North Carolina ) was an American politician. He represented the state of North Carolina as a delegate in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Harold Cooley was born in Nashville, where he attended public school. Then he went to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Later he graduated from the Law School of Yale University in New Haven ( Connecticut ). He then worked as an attorney in his own practice. During the First World War he served in the Naval Aviation Flying Corps in 1918. As a delegate to the Interparliamentary Conference in 1947, he traveled to Cairo and 1948 in Rome. Furthermore, he was the president of the American group for two four-year terms of office.


Cooley was elected in a special election as a Democrat to the 73rd Congress, to take the place of the late Edward W. Pou deputies. After that, he was still sixteen times re-elected to Congress and remained there until his resignation on December 30, 1966. His tenure came on 7 July 1934 to 30 December 1966. He ran again in 1966 for the 90th Congress, failed but.

During his tenure in Congress, he was chairman of the Committee on Agriculture ( 81st, 82nd, 84th to 89th Congress ). Furthermore, he refused to 1956, the Southern Manifesto sign that spoke out against racial integration in public institutions.

Harold Cooley died on January 15, 1974 in Wilson. He was buried at Forest Hill Cemetery in Nashville.