Israel G. Lash

Israel George Lash ( born August 18, 1810 in Bethania, North Carolina, † April 1, 1878 in Winston- Salem, North Carolina ) was an American politician. Between 1868 and 1871 he represented the state of North Carolina in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Israel Lash attended the public schools of his home and was then in the well and in the banking industry operates. He was then cigar manufacturers. After the Civil War he began a political career as a member of the Republican Party. In 1868 he was a delegate at a meeting to revise the State Constitution.

After the re- admission to the Union North Carolina Lash was in the fifth electoral district of his state in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC chosen, where he took up his new mandate on July 20, 1868. After a re-election, he could remain until March 3, 1871 Congress. There he witnessed the beginning of his term of office the dispute between his party and President Andrew Johnson.

1870 renounced Israel Lash on a bid again. In the following years until his death on April 1, 1878, he worked in Winston -Salem in the banking industry.