William Walton Kitchin

William Walton Kitchin ( born October 9, 1866 in Scotland Neck, Halifax County, North Carolina; † November 9, 1924 ) was an American politician and the 52nd Governor of the state of North Carolina.

Early years and political rise

William Kitchin visited the Vine Hill Academy and Wake Forest College, where he graduated in 1884. After a subsequent study of the law and his 1887 was admitted to the Bar, he settled as a lawyer in Roxboro. He was a member of the Democratic Party. In 1890 he became chairman of the district faction of his party. Between 1897 and 1909 he represented the fifth constituency of North Carolina in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington.

Governor of North Carolina

For the upcoming 1908 gubernatorial election, he was set up by his party as the leading candidate, and then elected by the voters. His four-year term began on January 12, 1909 and ended on 15 January 1913. During this time, the budget for education policy has been increased and passed a law against the monopoly of large corporations (trusts ). The infrastructure of the state has been improved, in particular the expansion of the road network and the railway were continued. The governor was also behind introduced by his predecessor Robert Broadnax Glenn Prohibition Act.

After the expiration of his term of office he was working as a lawyer again. William Kitchin died in November 1924. He was married to Musette Satterfield. The couple had six children.