John Dillard Bellamy

John Dillard Bellamy ( born March 24, 1854 in Wilmington, North Carolina, † September 25, 1942 ) was an American politician. Between 1899 and 1903 he represented the state of North Carolina in the U.S. House of Representatives.


John Bellamy attended the common schools and the Cape Fear Military Academy. After that, he was until 1873 at Davidson College. This was followed up in 1875 to study at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. After his 1875 was admitted as a lawyer in Wilmington, he began to work in this profession. In the years 1892-1894 he was the legal representative of the city. Politically, he was a member of the Democratic Party. Between 1900 and 1902 Bellamy was a member of the Senate of North Carolina. In the years 1892, 1908 and 1920 he was a delegate to the Democratic National Conventions relevant.

In the congressional elections of 1898 Bellamy was in the sixth constituency of North Carolina in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC chosen, where he became the successor of Charles H. Martin on March 4, 1899. After a re-election he was able to complete in Congress until March 3, 1903 two legislative sessions. In 1902, he was not nominated by his party for re-election.

As a result, he practiced as a lawyer back in Wilmington and worked as an author. Bellamy also was district consultant to a railway company, a telephone company and a cable company. He also had business connections with the tram in Wilmington and with some cotton mills. In 1932 he was one of the State Representative from North Carolina to celebrate the 200th birthday of George Washington. John Bellamy died on September 25, 1942 in his hometown of Wilmington.