Jamboree (Scouting)

The word Jamboree (English) is used internationally as a designation for Scouts warehouse.

Outside of Scouting, the term is also used for dance and music events, such as the " Summer Jamboree " in Senigallia, Italy. The square dance is the term used for an annual or semi- annual meeting, as well as in the radio broadcast Barn Dance show.

For driving on the Rubicon Trail is the name "Jeep Jamboree " or " Jeepers Jamboree " in use. Both events will take place on various dates

Word origin and meaning

The etymology of the well-known since 1868 in American English the word is largely unknown. It is assumed that a connection with the verb to jam, which together means squeeze or crowd together. Add the scout movement popular but scientific not been established, is the thesis that the term come from an African language and " peaceful gathering of all tribes " mean. Robert Baden -Powell have brought the term of his service as a British soldier in Africa. This theory follows that other experiences that Baden -Powell had made in Africa were incorporated in his youth.

In normal English usage Jamboree called an excessive celebration or feast. From everyday language the word in this sense is almost gone and is mostly used sarcastically.

Jamborees in the Scout Movement

Although every year ten or more Regional Jamborees or Jamborettes take place is designated by the term mostly the World Scout Jamboree of the World Organization of the Scout Movement ( WOSM ).

The first World Scout Jamboree took place in 1920 in London with 8,000 Scouts from 27 countries under the direction of Robert Baden -Powell instead. Since then, organized by WOSM Jamborees are held every four years. The number of participants at the 20th World Scout Jamboree in 2002/2003 was 25,000. Participation is open to only members of member organizations of WOSM member organizations and of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts ( WAGGGS ), when the respective national member association of WOSM agrees. Participants must be at the time the Jamboree 14 to 17 years old. However, the volunteers on the Jamboree, as well as the director and supervisor of the various contingents may be older.

Due to the limitation on WOSM and WAGGGS members at the World Scout Jamborees also organize other umbrella organizations of Scouting Jamborees, such as the World Federation of Independent Scouts ( WFIS ), on the Jamboree 2002 Skørping, Denmark, nearly 2,000 Scouts were represented.

Dates and places of the World Scout Jamboree

Other Events

Besides the four annual World Scout Jamborees find organized every year at the same time instead of the World Scout Jamboree On The Air ( JOTA ) and the World Scout Jamboree On The Internet ( JOTI ). 1998 was established as an international scout hiking into life in North America, the Jamboree On The Trail ( JOTT ).

A similar major event of the Scout Movement is the World Scout Moot, located at 18 - aligned to 26 -year-old Rover. Mainly for European Scout becomes irregular, the European Scout Jamboree held.

World Scout Jamboree on the Air

The World Scout Jamboree on the Air ( JOTA ) is a global gathering of Scouts with the help of amateur radio stations. It has been held since 1958 on the third full weekend of October. Together with the JOTI it is the largest regularly conducted scout event with more than 750,000 participants. Im not scouting the area, there is a field day as a similar event.

World Scout Jamboree on the Internet

The World Scout Jamboree On The Internet ( JOTI ) is an international Scout Jamboree on the Internet, which takes place every year on the third full weekend of October. Based on the JOTA to scouts from all over the world this weekend meet to chat on the Internet. They use a variety of techniques from Internet Relay Chat via e- mail contacts and Internet telephony up to the web browser. In many places, the scouts meet not only virtually but also in JOTI JOTA events, which perform the respective scout organizations. During the JOTIS contacts made years be maintained thereafter often still. The JOTI is since 1996 an event of WOSM.