Konrad Zdarsa

Konrad Zdarsa [ starsa ​​] ( born June 7, 1944 in Hainichen ) is Roman Catholic Bishop of Augsburg. From 2007 to 2010 he was Bishop of Görlitz.


Konrad Zdarsa, was born as the seventh child of originating from Styria Seiler Johann Zdarsa and those coming from Bavaria mother Elizabeth born Goppel, an older sister of the later Bavarian Prime Minister Alfons Goppel. Thus, the Bavarian CSU politician Thomas Goppel is his cousin. Due to the origin of his father Zdarsa has Austrian citizenship and also had so GDR times the unconditional right to travel abroad.


Since Zdarsa was denied after the end of the ten-year school visit to the secondary school, he learned the Barkas plant Hainichen the profession a spin. After he was able to catch the High School, Zdarsa studied at the seminary of Erfurt Catholic theology and philosophy and received on March 16, 1974 in Dresden by Bishop Gerhard Schaffran the sacrament of Holy Orders. Subsequently, he was first chaplain in the parish of St. Francis Xavier Dresden -Neustadt. In 1976 he was raised to the episcopal Vicar and Secretary and Ordinary Assessor. In 1977 he was exempted for doctoral studies at the Pontifical Gregorian University, where he in 1982 with a dissertation on the Confirmation age in Canon Law as Dr. iur. can. doctorate. During this time he lived at the German priest College at Campo Santo Teutonico in Rome.

1982 Zdarsa was re-appointed to the professorship Assessor in the diocese of Dresden -Meißen and was also assistant priest in the Pfarrvikarie St. Peter Canisius at Dresden- Pillnitz. In 1983 he was appointed Ordinariatsrat and entrusted with the Office of Cancellarius Curiae ( Chancellor of the Episcopal Curia ). From 1985 he was a pastor in the parish of St. Joachim Freital, parallel, he held the function of the marriage bond counsel in the Diocese of Dresden- Meissen. From 1990 he was also Director of Caritas of the diocese before he was appointed in 1991 to the Provost Provost town of St. Johann Nepomuk in Chemnitz. There he worked until 2001, and was at times too parochial administrator of the parish of Maria Hilf in Chemnitz. After that he was appointed to the Episcopal Ordinariate Bishop Joachim Reinelt again from where he initially managed the Human Resources Department, in charge of the permanent diaconate and Diocesan Director of the Pontifical Society for Vocations was. In 2004, he was followed by Bishop George Weinhold as Vicar General of the diocese.

2005 Zdarsa was appointed to the board of trustees World Heritage Dresden Elbe Valley. A year later, he resigned from this committee because of disagreement from the Dresden Bridge dispute.

Pope Benedict XVI. appointed him on 24 April 2007 for the second Bishop of the Diocese of Görlitz, founded in 1994. He received his episcopal consecration Cardinal Georg Sterzinsky on June 23rd of the same year; Co-consecrators were Bishop Joachim Reinelt (Dresden - Meissen ) and retired Bishop Rudolf Müller ( Görlitz).

On July 8, 2010 Pope Benedict XVI appointed him. Bishop of Augsburg. The solemn inauguration took place in Augsburg on 23 October 2010 after Zdarsa had on 18 October before Prime Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU ) in Munich Prinz- Carl- Palais taken the oath of allegiance to Germany and Bavaria.

2012, said Bishop Zdarsa the award of an area of the Diocese of Augsburg for a reading of the former Minister of Culture Hans Maier from its current book. Zdarsa justified this by saying he wanted the association " Donum Vitae ", in which Hans Maier was committed to give, in the diocese of Augsburg no forum.

Coat of arms

The Görlitz bishop coat of arms took Zdarsa unchanged in the diocese of Augsburg.

Zdarsas motto is: Ipse enim est pax nostra ( " For He is our peace " ) and is taken from the Letter to the Ephesians (Eph. 2.14 EU).

The colors green and blue in the coat of arms indicate the states of Saxony and Bavaria, and Styria. The emblems point to Zdarsas origin and places of activity: The bird with branch ( Dove of Peace ) points to the hometown Hainichen, the fish with key stands for the Diocese of Dresden - Meissen in which Zdarsa Vicar General was (fish and key symbolize the sacred Benno of Meissen ), the scallop ( as a symbol of the Apostle James the Greater, Patron of the Cathedral of St. James (Görlitz ) ) refers to the diocese of Görlitz, in the Zdarsa bishop was.