Lime Rock Park

41.9275 - 73.383333333333Koordinaten: 41 ° 55 ' 39 " N, 73 ° 23 ' 0 " W

The Lime Rock Park is an American race track for racing. The track is located in the state of Connecticut, near the village of Lime Rock. The track is one of Skip Barber, a former race car driver and founder of the Skip Barber Racing School.


The line was opened in 1957 and was then the first route which was constructed from a scientific viewpoint as well as the rules of the former Highway Safety. The designers were Jim Vaill, son of the landowner on which the line was built, racing driver John Fitch and the Cornell Aeronautical Labs. The track was given since opening with a length of 1.53 miles, this was corrected to 1.50 miles until 2008. Lime Rock Park is today known primarily for sports car racing. The now known as the Northeast Grand Prix event took place in 1958 as part of the SCCA National Sports Car Championship and has since played over 20 times.

2008, the section was slightly redesigned in order to reduce a bit and create the speeds on the other hand better overtaking opportunities. Thus for the curve complexes Up Hill and West Bend each alternative variants were added so that today four different variants can be driven.

Finally, the American Le Mans Series, the Rolex Sports Car Series and the Trans-Am Series as a national series were active. After the merger of the American Le Mans Series and the Rolex Sports Car Series for the United SportsCar Championship but the route no longer appears on the race calendar for the 2014 season.


A lap of the only 2.41 km (1.50 mi) long route begins at the Sam Posey Straight, which was named in 2013 after the grown near Lime Rock racers. This very long start / finish straight into the first corner, the Big Bend. It follows the Esses section, consisting of a left and a right curve, which on a short line, called No Name Straight leads. The complex can Up Hill since 2008 either as a medium-fast right curve or as something closer chicane be traversed. Both versions go uphill steeply and lead on the back straight. It again follows a complex with two different track layouts. West Bend is either a quick right curve or a slower double - right corner. Then it's on a short straight, strong berab and by the rapid right curve The downhill back to the start / finish line.