Sebring International Raceway

Sebring International Raceway is a race track at Sebring in the U.S. state of Florida. The course covers 5.9 km track with 17 curves, of which 3.8 km of asphalt and 1.9 km are made of concrete. In addition, there are other courses available, such as the Short Course at 3.2 km and the Club Course at 2.7 kilometers in length. However, these variants are usually used only for testing. 27.45474 - 81.34827Koordinaten: 27 ° 27 ' 17.1 "N, 81 ° 20' 53.8 " W


The course was created in the late 1940s on a former airport site along the lines of European motorcycle racing courses. The first race took place in 1950, although at a 8.3 km long course, which used two runways. 1983 was run on a shortened 7.6 km long course. 1984 to 1986 was due to the length of renovation work in the pit area 7.82 km. After that, the north-south runway was omitted and replaced by a new piece of asphalt with the carousel so-called, so that the length shrank to 6.6 kilometers. As of 1991, the curves of eight and nine, and the carousel were removed. The length was reduced to 5.9 kilometers. End of 1995, the Fangio Chicane was moved. Therefore, the price is reduced to 5.7 kilometers. 1997 and exit the Ulmann straight have been newly created (before the target curve ), which extended the course to 6 km. The end of 1998 was the last to date conversion. The hairpin curve (curve 5) was converted into an S - curve. 2001, the lining of curve 1 was renewed by the curve 10.

At the end of the Formula 1 season 1959, the first Grand Prix of the United States took place here - but it should also be the last time that here the Formula 1 was a guest.


The largest and most famous race is the 12 - hour race at Sebring, which traditionally each year, the American Le Mans Series, opened in 2013. Until 1992 the race was part of the World Sportscar Championship.

Winner of the Formula 1 race at Sebring