Charlotte Speedway

35.238517 - 80.943757Koordinaten: 35 ° 14 ' 19 " N, 80 ° 56' 38 " W

The Charlotte Speedway was a NASCAR racetrack. On it was on 19 June 1949, the first race in the Strictly Stock Series, today's Sprint Cup instead. The race track was located a few miles east of the proposed site of the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

The Charlotte Speedway itself was a three-quarter -mile oval on loose surfaces, a so-called dirt track. The first race was over a distance of 150 miles. In the course of the race distance was varied and there were races over 100, 133 and 150 miles driven.

NASCAR history

Between 1949 and 1956 found a total of twelve NASCAR race held at the Speedway. The most successful driver was Buck Baker with three wins. The two victories achieved Curtis Turner and Herb Thomas. In each case, a victory could Jim Roper, Tim Flock, Dick Passwater, Fonty Flock and Speedy Thompson achieve.


Bob Flock secured the pole position. Glenn Dunnaway was the real winner of the race, but during an inspection of his race car after the race illegal springs were discovered, so that NASCAR disqualified him. Then Jim Roper was declared the official winner of the race. Among the top 10 were other well-known drivers like Fonty Flock, Red Byron, Tim Flock and Curtis Turner. Also known, but outside of the top 10 were Buck Baker, Jack Smith, Lee Petty, Herb Thomas and Bob Flock to the finish. For the first time with Sara Christian attended a woman in a NASCAR race, which she finished in 14th place.