Texas World Speedway

30.537619444444 - 96.220580555556Koordinaten: 30 ° 32 ' 15 " N, 96 ° 13' 14 " W

The Texas World Speedway is a 2.0 -mile oval track in College Station, Texas USA. It is often referred to as a twin track of Michigan International Speedway since it has the identical shape and length, and has been built in the same period. In contrast to Michigan Speedway since the 1980 Texas World Speedway is no longer part of a major racing series like NASCAR or IndyCar Series. The reason was an increasing neglect of the road condition.

Since 2006, this Super Speedway is becoming increasingly important as a test track as the NASCAR rules prohibit during the season testing at current circuits that are part of the seasonal calendar. Then the currently valid course record was in January 2009, during one such test drive of Greg Biffle set up: 218 miles per hour (351 km / h) lap average.

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