8871 ( March 31, 2013 )

Lunner is a commune in the Norwegian Fylke Oppland.

It lies in the extreme south of the Fylke Oppland and is managed by the City Roa. Larger settlements are Grua, Harestua, Lunner and Roa. The highest elevation is the Bisflingflaka with a height of 691 meters. Lunner had on March 31, 2013 8871 inhabitants, the population density is 30 inhabitants per square kilometer. Which belongs to the municipality area is 292 km ² with a north- south extent of 23 km (by water 23.1 km ) and an east- west distance of 16.2 km.


The Lunner station is located on the Gjøvikbane from Oslo to Gjøvik. He is regularly served by regional trains Norges Statsbaner. Through the territory of the commune also the national road Riksvei 4 ( Rv4 ) runs to Oslo.